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Hello world! Regarding the languages….

leave a comment » is a new site for me since I never wrote any blog before. Have thought to write one since couple of year back but never make it come true till today due to some reasons. The top in the list is because some of my friends do have blogs. Why I’m not? Well, basically i’ve kinda bad English so sometimes maybe i”ll write in Malay which is the main language of mine. Even though i start writing a blog is to enhance my English skills. So, I’m sorry for any bad grammar or the like.

By the way, i’ll let you know what i’ve in my heads for years. Malay once as a lingua franca that widely used in the Asia. But slowly, English had taken over the place. A bit frustrated there. It’s more frustrated when some ethnic who actually Malay supposed to be their main language does not know how to write and sometimes even do not know how to speak in Malay! I admit that my Malay skill not that great but still know to speak and write plus that I use that language daily. My English skill used to be so damn worst even I don’t know how to write simple sentences but thanks to the Almighty Allah, I’ve improved in the language even still there  major weakness.

“It’s good to be someone who is important but it’s more important to become some who is good”

(Jumpa Lagi/Meet Again) ألي اللقاء


Written by Red Shari

October 11, 2010 at 4:58 AM

Posted in Life

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