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The more languages that you are capable to use, it’ll make you to be greater person in the perspective of wisdom. In order to achieve that, I’ve chose to learning Arabic as my 3rd language. A friend of mine had written regarding this in blog of his. He claimed that I’m one of the reasons who influence him to learn the Arabic. Well, I’m glad to hear that. The reason is Arabic had been claimed by God (Allah S.W.T) as the language of heaven. Well, learning the language will make us to move forward in the path pleased by him.

There are more reasons why I choose Arabic which one of them is also influenced by friends of mine. Though they are older, so sometimes they are alike my sis n bro. They encourage me because it’s a language that been used by Muslim all over the world.

In addition, the holy Al-Quran is written in Arabic. All Muslims in the world had actually spoken in Arabic language whenever they read Al-Quran and recite prayer. So, why don’t we do a progressive study in the language?

With that thought in my mind, I proceed with the Arabic course. Till today, unfortunately master in the Arabic yet been realized. A really basic from the basic had been entered into this brain plus a very limited usage of words. Even though it’s so, still I’m really happy and surrender will not till I’m capable to speak right out fairly.

Envious is one of the factors. Know some people who can speak, read and talk in Arabic. Some of them fair meanwhile other really fluent. Thus, there’s some feeling that make me want to be one of them. I’ve done the same in English so why will Arabic answered by “NO”?

Learning is an activity that has no end in the path. There’s too much thing to be learn but the limitation as a human being bound us to certain limit. The question is you stop because of the limit or you are the “limit”?

If you have not stop yet, keep continue you adventure meanwhile for those who had taking “break”. Why you don’t start “walk” again?

Renung-renungkan, selamat beramal. 


Written by Red Shari

October 12, 2010 at 5:27 PM

Posted in Life

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