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Mobile Tower Scaffolding

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It’s been 2 days dunno what to be posted in here. So, I’ve posted 2 songs until now which I been loved to hear.
Well, meanwhile I’m conducting a study on scaffolding, so, why not to post about it here, isn’t?

What is scaffolding? It’s as a temporary structure which to support numbers of platforms at different heights.
Its enable workers to reach works in high places and allow raising of materials to higher places.

There are several functional requirements for a scaffolding. However, do you know what meant by functional requirements? It’s requirements for the something to fulfill it’s function properly. In easy way to explain it, take ice as an example. Ice required to be cold to make water where its put in to be cold. Haha..did you get it?

Let go ahead.
›The scaffolding need to be strong enough to carry load to be imposed to it. The load come from varies sources such as:
1. The workers
2. The materials
3. The components of scaffolding itself
Next, the scaffolding have to be firmly construct and the ›components fixed tightly. Why? If not, how it’s possible to carry loads and not move when force imposed to it. Is it? It’s just common sense. The scaffolding also need to be make sure that materials or peoples should not fall from scaffolding platform. This will endanger people and property below them. A good scaffolding will make sure safety of people and material up on the scaffolding as well as things and people below it.
There are several material used to construct scaffoldings.
1. Timber – Common and most used in Malaysia. Reasons? The availability of the material in the country.
›2. Tubular aluminium alloy
›3. Bamboo – China. The reason is same as the timber used in Malaysia.
›4. Tubular steel

›What are the advantages of scaffolding? There are several but I’ll list only some of them.
1. Can be erected by one man
›2. Universal modular scaffolding – wherever you go, the form of scaffolding will be the same. Thus, method of installation, materials and how to use it will be of course exactly the same… Duuuh~
›3. Speed – Because it’s easy to be installed. Why easy to be installed? The scaffolding is consist of simple components. In addition, it’s universal modular..pfft..
›4. Safety – Well, this will be achieved if it’s fulfill all the functional requirements.
›5. Safe work load – Ditto
6. ›Faster shut down works – Easy to install = Easy to dismantle. :]

Done with the basic. Now, focusing on mobile tower scaffolding.
These scaffolds are constructed to the basic principles as for independent tubular scaffolds and are used to give access to restricted or small areas where mobility is required.
The mobility is provided by caster (a components enable scaffolding to move freely).    
›Mobile scaffold is more cost-effective than fixed scaffolding. Why? Easy, if you have several high places to be work with plus you only have one full set of scaffolding components.
Which one you prefer?
a. A fixed scaffolding which require erecting and dismantle later on to be erected again in other locations.
b. A moveable scaffolding which only require a erection then just to be push to other location require it. Dismantle it after all the works had finished.
Due to its feature to be able to moved, it’s suitable for a variety of purpose and trades including painting, glass, roof insulation and etc.
The end.. For further information, please read books or search on the net.

Written by Red Shari

February 12, 2011 at 9:00 PM

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  1. weel i think its quite scary to work at high, i have seen some mobile towers scaffolding at a high places. but thanks for sharing this article , very informative.

    Mobile Towers

    May 28, 2012 at 7:50 PM

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