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Basic of Management

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Another night, where still dun feeling sleepy yet. 4 out of 7 of my house mate is studying for Professional Practice’s test in the morning later. Since they are studying, I just walk in study too but in different subject which is Project Management. I’ll be having the class in the morning and what make it more worse to me is that it have been about 7 weeks but I still can’t follow the lecture yet. 

Why? The lecture is fully in English plus I dun have any note bout it in possession. Haha.. This cost me lot of brains workout to capture every single points she pointing out and highlight. Er..roughly estimate the info I’ve obtained is just 30% from the total lecture every time but still pretend to understand the lecture. Sorry~

So, it’s it revision time..

Basically, management is about utilization of resources effectively and efficiently to achieve the aim and objectives.

Effectively = Do the right things

Efficiently = Do things right

There are 3 level of management which are:

1. Top management – Set plan (Long run objectives)

2. Middle management – Set how to carry out plan (Decide short term decision)

3. Supervisory management – Ensure the everything according the plan

Managers are to be function to:

1. Planning – Prepare firm for tasks

i) Mission statement – State primary goal

ii) Strategic Plan – Long term main focus

iii) Tactical planning – Smaller scale plan but consistent to strategic

iv) Operational Planning – Methods to achieve tactical plans

v) Contingency Planning – Alternative plans for various situations (Back-up plan)

2. Organizing – Organize resources consistent to goals

3. Leading – Influence others to achieve goal

i) Autocratic – Full authority decision making manager

ii) Free-rein – Employees decision making but according manager goal

iii) Participate style – Democratic

4. Controlling – Monitoring and evaluate task

Manager should have 4 types of skills which are:

1. Conceptual – Understand relationships among tasks thus allow the manager to self adjusted when problems step in

2. Interpersonal – Communication to employees and clients to allow fair information exchange and controlling the situation

3. Technical – To perform specific tasks beside understand the task they manage

4. Decision making – Able use existing info to determine a resolution

In managing, times is one of the best threat to the manager. Thus, manager need to be manage the time given so that all the tasks can be carry out in time.
There are several guideline for the manager that can be adapt, which are:

1. Set priorities

2. Schedule times for large scale task (Set short term goals)

3. Minimize interruptions

4. Delegate task to others but only task they capable of to handle

These are only theories and some difference may there. It’s up to the manager then to decide which the best. Whatever,  the management style is, it’s only with one purpose which to having effective management. An effective management will make task run smoothly beside lower production cost and greater performance.

Hmh..that all for now. It’s actually more detailed and there are more to be written. But..pass for now. Can’t focus to the book. Hehe..

Oh2..the sources a.k.a references for this post is “Introduction to Business”, written by Jeff Madura. It’s book of my friend who at first just wanna to borrow but he give it to me later on. THANKS! 


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February 18, 2011 at 2:26 AM

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