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Exam = Study

It’s a package that come forth when we studying regardless wherever your institution are. Schools, college, university and sometime even you have entered the industrial. Magnificent, yes it is as you go to KFC and order dinner plate and it’s come with 3 pieces of chicken, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and if you want, a glass of carbonated drinks. The main point, you just want to eat as you hungry, to save money, buy the set. Same goes as study, you can study as you want, but if you want the certificates, take the exams and do your assignments. >.<

So far, I’ve gone through about 2 papers and another 2 papers which not have final exam. Thanks God for that. Not doing well in those 4 papers as I can recall. So, the leftover papers, trying harder effort I have to be.

Currently, I’m studying Construction Technology which one of core subjects which rite now, focusing seem to be the hardest thing in the world for me now. As some of my clicks know, I’m studying in a style where we called studying alone and then conduct a little discussion with some friends instead of what I’ve done earlier semester and in the Diploma where usually study in a group from the beginning till the end.

What are the types of studying style did you know? As far as I concern:

1. Study group

2. Discussion (Dunno what the differences but hell yeah there is)

3. Alone which can be divided into two: Outside or Home

4. Aaa..Can’t think of any somehow rite now

I found that study at home (alone) but later on discussion is quite effective but in term of efficient maybe not as we supposed to revise all the topics as from the day we learnt about it . However, it’s somehow more comfortable and I’ll have an access to the net when to search info that necessary especially pictures of the components in the construction.

Discussion can be lead to two directions either effective or just showing off. Showing off happen when someone just explain more likely to show how much he read or as far he had understood. It’s supposed to be inputs and outputs method where who did not know will get the info meanwhile the one who know about it, becoming better in that particular subject.

Type of study is varies suitability depending on your characteristic and requirements. Well known of yourself, the better your justifications which type you actually fit in. Generally, it’s better to do study with friends at such last minutes because somehow it’s effective to cover holes where you might not covering yet but it’s damn useless if you did not want to take part in the discussion or you actually did not know anything about it. It’s OK for you to wrong in giving answers in the discussion but what matters is your participation. Don’t just relying on others but take part in it.

Oh well, better for me to continue revising all the topics. Good luck everyone for all exams to be seated.


Written by Red Shari

May 2, 2011 at 2:53 PM

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