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Life will not completed without conjectures. Why did i said that? I had been experienced tonnes of those. Yes i did, yes i do and yes i will. Since little until present and so do in the future. No matter how you try or whatever you can’t fight faith.

As common from ordinary family, child expected to succeed in life or more accurately at the moment, in study. Such lot of hope been weighed in the shoulder. Just matter of time, it’ll drag us down. Some succeed..some did not. Which matter of facts, it’s all on the person itself.

Since primary throughout secondary, such bothersome and competition had begun. Never did know when to stop, seeding hatred towards them. New bright life hopped from university, but some dirt can’t be avoided. Scar left, remind how painful life could be.

There can be faced at any times either in such as:
1. Family
2. Marriage
3. Nation
4. Works
5. Friends

How we supposed to deal with it? Follow your heart not your emotional. If you did to emotion, it’ll rare for you to get over with. It’s often cause it getting worse. In some cases, just forgive and forget. But sometime, we might can’ goes on your life then. It’s not worth to waste your life.

Towards future, the long journey awaits. How far we had prepared? None of us can tell that. Arrogant people might said so.

As just to make it short, there is something need to highlight. What we did might be a conjecture to others, thus don’t be so light headed on what we did..cause the others might become your conjectures.

Live happy readers, have faith in your life.


Written by Red Shari

June 2, 2011 at 9:43 PM

Posted in Life

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