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As a Part Timer

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It’s been busy day since the day starting work as a part timer in consultant firm. Can’t really remember the date of began working but certainly had been here about 1 and half month already.

Sometime quite free but mostly busy..duuhh..but mostly quite entertaining might said so. Haha..especially in the end of month. Working at AS2 Consult Sdn Bhd, where actually was my practical training take place during Diploma.

Just briefing about the company, it’s a Quantity Surveyor Consultant Firm which majorly comprises of Quantity Surveyor (inclusive junior and senior QS), admin & despatch.

QS also might known as Building Economist and sometime even known as Cost Engineer (Huhu…i like this title thus had even used this term in one of my assignment..heheh..Miss..can i have it back? Thehe).

What we do? Basically and really briefly, who control, care, manage, monitoring, and lot of administration activities on the cost of a construction project.

Well, actually the title of Quantity Surveyor only proper to those who obtained title SR. from right bodies. Further more detailed by yourself then. Less fact in my page…less to be faulty my blog to be.

As far as i have gone through, feel really tired to be in this job. Even had (maybe) take lighten again in my studies in Degree in QS. Not performing well as I’m supposed to be wanted before continuing study.

Thanks to several of my friends, during our dinner, i had been reminded passion to continue study in QS again. Hope that I can performing greater during next semester. Learning at work is main priority rite now beside earn some income to buy something..hehe..

What you do during semester break? Just laid back at home? Dun be so cause it’s wasting time. If you about to say you don’t get any job till today..why is it to be so? What’s been lacking? Dun give up..stand up..get up with your resume..just find a job..go obtained some experience beside generating income.. Plus, you will have something new (previous job) to be added in you resume in the future. 🙂


Written by Red Shari

June 29, 2011 at 6:21 PM

Posted in Life

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  1. saje browse as2 consult and spotted blog ni. sekarang ni tgh mencari tempat intern. as2 ni kat kota damansara tu kan? so nak tanya as2 consult sdn bhd ni ok x? in term of working environment, supervisor and etc. harap boleh reply msg. thank you 🙂


    January 1, 2013 at 8:02 AM

    • So far..bgs. Sbb de peluang utk bljr variety aspect of work as qs. Supervison pn bgs. Tp semua trpulang pd inisiatif sndri utk bljr. :]

      Red Shari

      January 2, 2013 at 9:30 AM

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