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After Loooong Sem Break

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It’s been a while since back to UiTM for studying. tomorrow will be the 1st day after long breaks which approximately about 4 months. Been doing a part-time as assistant QS which had keeping me busy for the rest of the sem breaks. Duuh..but kinda glad as obtained few more knowledge in this field but had cost me such nice warmth of enjoyable time to do lot of things. Hehe..

This sem gonna be one of the toughest semester for degree at least i think so for me. Several subject seems difficult or very time consuming such as final project and there are few courses that need greater reading need to be such as Construction Economy.

Final project which actually what others called as Applied Study requires a group of student to form  a mock consultant company to handle a mock project about constructed. For those who knows, it’s actually as in 6th Sem of Diploma QS at UiTM. Have no luck on earlier even had try all as i capable for the subject as only obtained B- if I’m not mistaken. T__T

The dissertation as some people called as Thesis just its minor version of that. Simpler and lighten..but still had not had major progress on that.. Haha…
Had picked a simple title…which as only about Industrial Training at Public and Private sector. Can’t recalled where it’s came from actually.

During break, had totally put away updating blogs and dissertation as busy at works, now it’s time to focus on the dissertation as progress will be checked by supervisor soon. Mhuahahaha.. But kinda not regretting as actually acquire quality time with my frens at AS2 (where I’m works as Part Time)

Another 1 year to go..around July 2012..I’ll finished studying.. Rite now considering to continuing study to Master..but it may hold a sec.. Really need a break from study but some people said..better to continue as the momentum is still there inside our soul. Once you have worked, the momentum slowly lost in the midst of air and the passion will be gone without u noticing it. Btw, one of my frens had continuing his study to Master Level. We both start new semester tomorrow. Will use him as a benchmark in making decision.

Decision….decision..decision…one of things u can’t escape from life. Until we meet again mates. 🙂


Written by Red Shari

September 11, 2011 at 6:57 PM

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