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Days Before Busy Tomorrow

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Before begin of this new semester, we had gone through Ramadhan & Eidul Fitri. This year had been bit different from all the years before which had been expected even earlier actually. :]

To some people who know me, I’m actually kinda above average gadget chaser. So, many above average things had been done such as buying a phone not supposed to be bought in Asia. Let me introduced it to you, my Motorola Droid 2 Global. Asia version known as Milestone 2. The Olympus, thanks to one of my frens, had let me use it..but dunno for how long.. Haha.. Love it, a bit malfunction,’s OK for me.. Mhuahahaha..

This is my entertainment but only before facing the real trouble in Sem 5 of Degree QS in UiTM. There are two actually, one is Dissertation meanwhile the other one is APPLIED STUDY.

When u enter sem 5, student required to role play as QS consultant to aid client (private) in planning of project. As far as I remember, there are several types of development which are:

1. Housing
2. Commercial
3. Industrial

Based on one type only, we need to prepare:

1 . Prepare estimate of project
2. Prepare Feasibility Study of development
3. Prepare build-up rate of major items in the project
4. Propose procurement of the project.

The task need to be carried out in a group of 10 which randomly ( i think, but not so, since they do it based on basis which i dunno, haha).. Whatever it is, this kinda challenging as to work in group I’ve not been in before. It’s gonna be busy months ever, plus every week, we need to held a mock meeting which there must be a chairman, secretary and minutes???? dissert, construction tech and economy’s assignment.

i dun think I’ve time to play2 this sem as much as past 2 semester. Hehe.. Thus, this week will be use wisely as possible. Nite.


Written by Red Shari

September 16, 2011 at 10:34 PM

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  1. Good luck 🙂


    December 8, 2011 at 3:56 AM

  2. Salam,
    Saya student Matrics dan berminat utk pursue dalam QS. Saya ada apply USM for QS, and there’s an interview utk masuk course ni. So, harap boleh bagi info sikit pasal QS ni. Pasal subjek, course outline, main objective utk course ni. If possible, boleh bagi emel tak, so saya boleh contact and exchange emails. TQ!


    March 17, 2012 at 2:48 PM

    • Wah..agak detail bnda2 yg ko request.
      Subjek basically:
      1. Measurement of construction works –> Taking off qty dri drwg utk prepare billing which sbhgian dri contract doc
      2. Construction technology –> Pendedahan kpd teknologi2 yg ada dlm construction. Machine, plant, equipment, kaedah2 pembinaan n juga type of construction dlm industri.
      3. Construction economy –> Pecahan kecil dri focus kt construction industri and investment (Degree). Almost all topic related or focus on quality, time and cost.
      4. Construction law –> Construction industri libatkn byk pihak. So, de contract digunakan dlm relationship tuh. Subjek nih all about contract, liabilities all parties dlm construction industri and explain clause dlm contract in construction (PWD, PAM & CIDB)
      5. Building services –> hmpir sama concept dlm construction technology, tp die fokus on equipment yg kita guna/ada dlm bggn yg da siap. Cth: Aircond, lift and etc.
      6. Profesional practice –> Hmpir sama mcm construction law..but fokus on qs perspektif
      7. Project management –> Course yg bg pendedahan on management2 yg wujud dlm construction industri. Cth: Quality management, construction management, facility management and etc. Nie sec general. Bila smbg master…setiap management adalah sbg course. 🙂

      Red Shari

      March 18, 2012 at 11:02 PM

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