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An ordinary male student that only knew a bit of this world. Learning with a dream to change the world. If  even a bit, might satisfactory. Live in a way typical as everyone but there’s differences. Currently, pursuing Bachelor Degree in Quantity Surveying.

Who we can be if studying in Quantity Surveying? There are lot of choices such as Contract Executive and Cost Engineer.

Have many interest but outdoor activities limited. Many little difficulties in life faced if compare to other that might faced a greater ones. Don’t know how to express the ideas, logics, thought and feeling drag me to write a blog beside other factors.

Love to do lot things but there’s must be satisfaction in the end. If not, will not find peace till it’s fair completed.

Motive to having a blog? Hmh..dunno, myb to do something when bored & just follow few my friends to write blogs. Mhuahaha

Thanks for reading and if there things that you wanna to comment. You are pleased to do so.

Ps: Sorry for any bad use of language especially English and use of improper Malay


Written by Red Shari

October 11, 2010 at 4:58 AM

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